Our Approach

Technology and Business background

Effective marketing occurs when it connects your great technology to business opportunity. At Market Altitude our 20 year experience includes high technology sales, productization and business development. We apply this direct experience from engagements in demanding technology markets to tried and tested marketing practises that deliver results.

Ideas and Execution

Rarely are you short of ideas on what you want to do, nor do we find it difficult to add to the idea pile. The challenge is determining which are efficiently implementable at a marketing level and which will give the results that best support your business objectives. Taking these ideas through to cost effective promotional execution is often the hurdle that you may then struggle with. Market Altitude focusses on developing strategies, content and execution plans that are effective in meeting well defined business objectives. Importantly we will then take on the responsibility for execution, complimenting your existing marketing team with the additional skills required. We are not a 'word doc' delivery only consultancy.

Its a Design-In Market

All high technology B2B markets are a design-in activity. At no point will a prospective customer select your product, service or solution in isolation. They will be assessing (or have already assessed) other companies products and services in order to meet the unique needs of their development. Your route to these opportunities will be significantly eased if you are demonstrably aligned with your target market's key product or service providers. Most business plans already recognise this requirement and the companies products will already be integrated by default. What is so surprising is then how rarely innovative companies fully leverage that investment through their marketing to create pull through revenue opportunities from the partner customer base. Even the largest encumbent market players recognise that they do not deliver complete solutions to their customers and are often willing to support smaller more agile innovative companies if approached correctly.