Your business requirements tailor our marketing and promotional solutions: 

Market Evaluation and Analysis

New technology opportunity evaluation?
New market sector entry evaluation?

The rapid rate of change in high technology markets limits the value of bought in market studies, and desk research only shows what the market, competitors and ecosystem players decided they wanted to make visible 6-12 months ago. To support a market leadership positioning objective companies need to combine this baseline research with insightful interviews with key market players. Only then can you formulate an up to date view that either validates or challenges the precepts of your existing business plan. Market Altitude's business experience allows us to rapidly access and engage key market players and seek out the ecosystem alignment opportunities, competitive issues and positioning opportunity.

Market Positioning & Branding

New technology launch?
New market entry?

Market Altitude seeks to position you as a market leader, which is why we never engage more than one client in any specific technology sector at a time. In a crowded technology market the branding challenge when penetrating existing markets with new technology is to position you as an innovator. When entering new markets for existing technology we seek to position you as a focus for the emerging ecosystem. In both cases, in high technology markets brand is synonymous with professional, technical and service reputation. Clever slogans and fancy logos cut little ice with the conservative professional audience of engineers, project managers and system architects, nor their executive management. Defining and developing your reputation objective is central to this activity.

Market Awareness Programs

Out reach your competitors?
Increased quality enquiries?

Your audience is online, and so should you be, and that means a lot more than just a website. Your online presence is critical, although one thing has not changed in the last 20 years, in fact its become more important; Signal to noise ratio. In today's online world its easier than ever to put your 'noise' online, and luckily most established competitors fall into this mode sooner or later, Creating a sharp signal that rises above the online noise is today's challenge. It has never been more important to have a clear definition and understanding of your target audience so you can attenuate your message. At Market Altitude we have performed the roles of engineer, product management and business executive. We know how these audiences think and we know how to find them online. That's step 1. Step 2 is to create the kind of high quality content that attracts their attention and gives your company credibility. We have been doing this for years, for some clients we have been retained for 6 years or more due to our adherence to quality content generation and promotional planning.